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ETON Venture Services | Texas

Experienced. Proven. Trusted.

Mitigating risk and maximizing outcomes for venture-backed companies through valuation excellence.


Eton Venture Services

is one of the leading valuation firms in the US and was established in 2010 to provide independent audit-defensible valuations for tax compliance and GAAP compliance, utilizing the industry standard methods of the AICPA.

Our successful approach is based on personal attention, client engagement and thoughtful analysis. Eton regularly receives referrals from the country’s leading law, accounting and audit firms in addition to existing clients.

2500+ Business valuations completed | Eton Venture Services | Texas


valuations completed

Highly qualified valuation experts

Since entering the market we have worked with hundreds of companies and completed more than 2500 valuations.


Maniacal customer service

We take tremendous pride in our dedication to our clients. We approach every engagement as if it is our most important matter. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that no competitor can match us in client service.

Maniacal customer service | Eton Venture Services | Texas
Business valuations Pricing | Eton Venture Services | Texas

Reasonable pricing

Our pricing is unambiguous and transparent. No hidden fees or surprises.


Get your valuation done right.
The first time.

Full-service valuation firm

Section 409A valuations

If you plan to issue stock options or other forms of equity as compensation, assuming you want to comply with tax law, you need a 409A fair market value report. Section 409A requires companies that issue stock options / equity to do so at no less than fair market value.

Our extensive valuation experience also covers

Our clients say

Scott Orn | Startup CFO at Kruze Consulting
Scott Orn

Startup CFO at Kruze Consulting

As a firm, Kruze Consulting is extremely confident in introducing Eton to our clients for valuation work. Eton is super responsive, reasonably priced, and they take customer service to impressive levels. Eton is a great partner for us and the companies we work with!

Ross Lipson | Co-Founder, CEO at Dutchie
Ross Lipson

Co-Founder, CEO at Dutchie

The team at Eton is fantastic! Those guys cut their teeth as securities lawyers at premier firms in Silicon Valley so no matter how complex a situation we have presented to them, they are quick on the uptake, and they quickly produce great work. Plus, I can talk to the founder of the firm by simply picking up the phone. Eton truly exceeds our expectations!

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